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Dinner With A View برنامه ویژه صرف شام

Location : Toronto Address : The Bentway 250 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3K9, Canada Start Date : 28-Mar-2019 17:30 End Date : 02-May-2019 21:30 Website : Click Here
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برنامه ویژه صرف شام در Bentway

این برنامه شامل غذای ویژه سرآشپز و صرف شام در اتاقک های شیشه ای می باشد.
Dinner With A View Under the sky. At an incredible place. With those you cherish most. From these three simple sentiments, a perfect evening is born. One that puts you at the pinnacle of culinary creativity and immerses you in design innovation. One of discovery, adventure, and bold inspiration. Locations change, cuisines differ, and views always vary. But no matter where you encounter your circle, the perspective is always magic.

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