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McDonald's: Get a Big Mac, 6-Piece McNuggets or McMuffin Sandwich for $2.00 پیشنهاد ویژه مک دونالد

Location : Toronto Address : online Start Date : 07-Jan-2019 End Date : 13-Jan-2019
Website : Click Here
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از 7 تا 13 ژانویه با نصب برنامه My McD's میتوانید از پیشنهاد ویژ] مک دونالد استفاده کرده و یک Big Mac یا 6 تکه McNuggets و یا یک ساندویچ McMuffin را تنها با پرداخت 2 دلار خریداری کنید.
توجه داشته باشید که هر مشتری تنها یک بار میتواند از این پیشنهاد استفاده کند.
Say hello to lunch at McDonald's, because you can get a Big Mac, 6-piece McNuggets or a McMuffin sandwich for just $2.00 with the My McD's app!

This offer is available for new and existing users of the My McD's app (Android, iOS) -- simply open the app, tap the offer and apply it to a Mobile Order to redeem this deal!

The in-app offer is only redeemable with Mobile Orders and cannot be used when ordering in-restaurants. Mobile Ordering is available in several regions across Canada including Toronto and Vancouver.
This deal is only available until January 13, so download the app to get your $2.00 entrée now! There's a limit of one offer per customer and it cannot be combined with meals, pairings or other offers.

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