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Popeyes: Get Two FREE Pieces of Chicken دو تکه مرغ رایگان

Location : Toronto Address : 1-645 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9 Start Date : 15-Dec-2018 End Date : 06-Apr-2019
Website : Click Here
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از 15 دسامبر تا 6 آپریل هر شنبه شما می توانید دو قطعه مرغ رایگان را در هنگام خرید یک نوشیدنی بزرگ دریافت کنید!
این پیشنهاد فقط در رستوران های انتاریو دایر بوده و برای استفاده از آن باید برنامه Toronto Maple Leafs app را در گوشی خود نصب کنید.

Stop by Popeyes before watching Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and the rest of the Toronto Maple Leafs play on Saturdays, because you can get two free pieces of chicken when you purchase a large drink!

You'll need the Toronto Maple Leafs app (Android, iOS) and a free Leafs Nation account to redeem this offer -- simply open the app, log into your account and the Countdown to Puck Drop offer will appear in the app before Saturday night Leafs games.

Fill out the in-app form any time before the countdown timer ends and present it at a participating Popeyes location to redeem the offer! A large drink purchase is required to get the free chicken and pricing will vary depending on the location.This offer is available throughout the 2018/19 NHL regular season before Saturday game days only at participating Ontario restaurants

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