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Swiss Chalet Coupons کوپن جدید سوئیس چلت

Location : Toronto Start Date : 02-Nov-2018 End Date : 30-Dec-2018
Website : Click Here
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یک شب پخت و پز را تعطیل کرده و از 2 کوپن جدید Swiss Chalet استفاده کنید.
این پیشنهاد فقط برای شام میباشد.
2 تکه مرغ $17.99 با استفاده از کد EMAIL300
2 تکه مرغ + یک تکه پای $21.99 با استفاده از کد EMAIL301
Take a night off cooking take advantage of these new coupons from Swiss Chalet!

For a limited time only, customers take advantage of 2 new coupons the next time the craving for some of Swiss Chalet's famous rotisserie chicken hits:

Get 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners for $17.99 with the coupon code EMAIL300 (Dining Room & Take-Out only)
Get 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners, 1 appetizer, and 1 Slice of Pie for $21.99 with the coupon code EMAIL301 (Dining Room & Take-Out only)

As always, each quarter chicken dinner will come with dark meat chicken, which can be switched for white meat for an extra $1.80 per entree. Dine-in orders will require you to present your coupon before ordering. If you're ordering by phone, just mention the coupon code to the operator, or enter the code at checkout when ordering online.

These offers are live through December 30, 2018.

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