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What does KiCHiKoo Mean?

KiCHiKoo, means "Who, What, Where" in Persian language.

Who we are & What we believe:

Incorporated in Canada in 2017, KiCHiKoo.com has been developed and operated by young, enthusiastic team of creative designers, professional IT experts, smart digital marketers and weird authors.

Kichikoo.com is Canada’s one and only comprehensive portal for Persian speakers feeded by its users and us in both English and Farsi language in a wide range of categories – Business Directory, Job Bank, Classified ads, Events, Deals, Blog and everything in between.

We are proud to provide a platform that connects Canadians and Persians, helping them to engage in their community. Our passionate team search, sort, aggregate, and index Persian and Iran-related subjects in a user-friendly searchable formats.

We believe that Canada is a country full of great opportunities and Persian community must benefit from all of these.

Our goal is to collect and publish resources for Persians, seeking information related to their community.


What are the 6 departments?

The main six departments include but not limited to


Introducing Persian professionals and Persian owned businesses in the community, Providing a great chance to meet new people and helping each other with services.


Introducing job opportunities in Persian community. Allowing employees find talented job seekers.


Facilitating Persians to Buy, Sell, Rent, Trade great items in their community, and saving and earning money in a wide range of categories - goods, cars, housing, services and everything in between. It also offer Persians a fun and easy way to make money off unused possessions cluttering up houses, and help the country waste less - an environmentally friendly and local way to recycle things.


Introducing upcoming fun events such as concerts, festivals, seminars, job fairs, movies, plays and exhibitions taking place in different cities of Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa to make you enjoy from variety of entertainments offered across Canada.


Introducing the hottest deals and promotions such as sales, warehouse sales, freebies and coupons from local retails including Persian businesses, to make you enjoy from variety of discounted offers across Canada.


We provide articles and insight into the subjects that shape the Canada as a country, and help readers make smart choices about housing, car, education, finance, health, law, shopping, construction, community, family, technology and anything in-between.

Through in-depth reporting, intelligent analysis and quality writing, KICHIKOO offers an exciting, essential and thorough guide to life in Canada.

We update our portal daily providing users with interesting events, deals, news and articles taking place in different cities of Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. The other 3 departments of “Biz Directory, Job Bank and Classified Ads” are updated by users.


Since March 2017, we experienced over 300 visitors per day, which is stunning. KiCHiKoo website traffic ranges between 30,000-40,000 a month.

Our users are also reached via subscriptions to weekly newsletter emails, and social media: KiCHiKoo Facebook, telegram and Instagram.


We hope you enjoy your visit on KiCHiKoo.com.

Visit us frequently to get the latest update of Persian community.



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