Show Categories $10 Off When You Spend $40 حراج محصولات مراقبت بهداشتی و شخصی

Location : Toronto Address : online Start Date : 26-Dec-2018 End Date : 16-Feb-2019
Website : Click Here
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دریافت تمام محصولات مراقبت بهداشتی و شخصی شما در آمازون
شما میتوانید با خرید 40 دلار یا بیشتر از محصولات  Bayer، 10 دلار خود را ذخیره کنید.
Get all the health and personal care products you'll need to power through 2019 from, because you can take $10.00 off when you spend $40.00 or more on select Bayer products!

There are over 100 eligible products from a number of product categories including digestive care, foot care, multivitamins and pain relief -- simply add any eligible item to your cart and the $10.00 discount will automatically apply during your checkout once you reach the $40.00 minimum threshold.

Some products are also eligible for Subscribe & Save, which gets you up to an additional 15% off and will automatically order products on a recurring basis.

This offer is effective until February 15. offers free shipping for all Prime members or on orders over $35.00 for those who aren't members.

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