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Bobby's Liquidation Outlet حراج لباس و لوازم خانه

Location : Toronto Address : Bobby's Liquidation Outlet 2900 Steeles Ave East, Thornhill, ON, L3T 4X1 Start Date : 15-Dec-2018 End Date : 20-Jan-2019
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آوت لت  Bobby's Liquidation Outlet در تورنهیل بزودی تعطیل خواهدشد. در حال حاضر حراج ویژه ای از بابی همه چیز را دارد، از مبلمان، لباس، لوازم بزرگ و  ... در این محل آغاز شده و به خریداران تا 80% تخفیف داده می شود.
The Toronto area is losing another spot for cheap buys, as Bobby's Liquidation Outlet in Markham has announced that it is closing.
The huge warehouse on Steeles Avenue announced today that it will be having a gigantic store closing sale, with huge discounts on everything in stock—some of it by as much as 80 per cent.
After the liquidation outlet, well, liquidates, it will close on January 20. The owner, Ari Starr, plans to shutter the warehouse and redevelop it. What will become of it is not currently known.
Bobby's has everything, from furniture, to clothing, to large appliances, and more. So, if you're looking for that post-Christmas purchase of whatever you wanted but didn't receive, this could be the time to buy it.

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